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angkor wat

Angkor Wat | Guida al percorso di visita dei vari templi

A few days in Siem Reap, Cambodia, to see Angkor Wat. I will talk about the tour I did, temples not to be missed and the best times for the ride.

I’ll try not to be very long in this article because in any way you arrive in Siem Reap you need not fear who knows what to arrange your visit to Angkor Wat.

The temple of Angkor is one of the wonders of the world , a full immersion in ancient Khmer architecture and temples of fear!

The important thing is to understand how much time you have (in days), when you arrive, if you want to see all the tuttibile  or if there are enough of the main temples.

Even as you turn the area (whether by bike, scooter, or elephant with the tuk tuk that council) will extend or reduce the time, a little bit because the heat depending on the season or anything can become less fluid.

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Angkor temples, kind of tickets and timetables tactical

Angkor Wat ticket
the ticket has on your photos and various inputs stop you check tickets



The type of ticket is as follows: 1 day, 3 days, 1 week.

The ticket for one day costs $ 20. If you buy it the day before when you go to the right to get in to the sunset from 5 onwards.

One to three days costs $ 40 and is a one week 60 (both worth the usual speech before.


The temples are open from 5 to 18 (although now that hunt all you fans always 19).

Farsi dawn is a grind, but definitely worth it (especially being around the other way around, or go to Ta Prohm for sunrise where usually nobody goes)

I arrived in the afternoon, I bought a ticket for one day, I made a couple of hours at Angkor Wat and the sunset, the morning then I started the tour at 7, starting from Angkor Thom and until 8 9 is not there It had a lot of people, super quiet.

Therefore I moved by the great circuit and touring schedule. The large circuit will do 10% of people and allows you to make a lot of temples details without the crush there in the main.

The only place where I found the true frenzy of people was at Ta Prohm in the late afternoon.

If you arrive in the afternoon it is smart shooting immediately Angkor Wat at sunset. This is because the light (If you do photo) you have it behind you and you can take a photo of ocean and enjoy a beautiful brightness in general in the first main temple.

Many said to be dawn, but for the light it seems a little tactical advice.

Moving from Angkor Wat to the other main temples

map temples Angkor Wat
In the blue route from Angkor Wat to the left


The park is immense. The map above shows the various temples in orange. If you take the tuk tuk, tuk tuk each has a huge map and if you ask stops everywhere.

You will leave and end up usually from Angkor Wat .

Forget to turn between the various temples on foot. Somehow you have to move from place to place (unless you have a week).

The bicycle is not bad , but certainly one day there will be enough (unless you do everything super race) and if it is very hot will be a grind (already walk in the immense temples if it is hot is a grind).

In some areas you can also climb on an elephant or horse, just to make cool short but generally 99% of people use the tuk tuk.

At a cost of about 15 usd a tuk tuk (about 4 people) can get around the main temples (called small circuit) and 20 usd will do the big circuit, which I recommend, because you will see other main temples and a lot less crowded.

Angkor Wat and the other temples not to be missed

There is an ocean of temples and if you get three days to see you do it calmly major or a bit of a hurry all the others.

Some temples are out, even 30 km away but maybe you’ll see them uniting to other things (like if you go to Banteay Srei can see the museum of mines or the butterfly farm)

All temples are visited only if you have a ticket, not only the main area near Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat

I tell you the truth, beauty is nice, but surely among all the temples is what excited me less. Full of stone work on every stone and overall outside lends a lot to photos and has beautiful shades of color at sunset, but will not know which was the least in the countryside and for so much less gassed me. Here it is where you will find an army of children who will stop you to sell calamitine and other things for a dollar, funny that you say you know where you are and tell you the capital and contar up to 10 (and seen him do at least 10 foreigners with different!)

Angkor Thom and Bayon

Surely one of the most beautiful areas. The Bayon and Angkor complex Tom, the temple with several faces everywhere is one of the most beautiful of all.
This is where the walk will keep longer. 2 hours, 3 hours, a thousand? It depends on you and how you want to linger between the various buildings. Early in the morning until 10 still it has a good light for various photo. There are also restaurants within improvised.

Phreah Khan

The first temple if you make the long ride is Phreah Khan, which are also those who sell the souvenirs most desperate (like paintings by 2 meters at 15-20 usd). Beautiful with a mix of nature around.

Neak Poan

The temple itself is not worth anything, stands in a tub with around the forest, but it is in the woods and along a mega walk on a wooden jetty that before passing a stream and then the forest.

Ta Som (my favorite)

Shortly followed by the masses of tourists and would add less evil is a temple in the countryside that has a mix of all the things characteristics of the temples of Angkor. The big face on the walls, mega trees that you eat the monuments, in the countryside and human scale.

Ta Prohm

He became famous for the film Tomb Rider is the temple that it was decided to leave in the countryside. They were not cut the trees that “eat” the walls to show how it was found the complex and how they might be all the temples before restoration. It ‘very nice but it is the most crowded!


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